Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lego maniac

Have you heard the news? Jason has transformed into a Lego maniac ("Zack, Zack, he's a Lego maniac!" everybody sing along!). It all started a few months ago when I tried to update the toys at Nanny's house by bringing in a Lego car set. It was a small 68 piece excavator/dump truck/fork lift combo. He would not leave it at Nanny's. He had to bring it home, tear it apart and rebuild it over and over again. He then began emptying out his piggy bank, counting pennies until he could afford the next $4.99 set. The addiction grew as his birthday came along and the gift cards came in.... he had to have more Legos. And that brings us to yesterday when Nanny took a little fellow back-to-school shopping and gave in to the sweet little face that just had to have a rescue helicopter. So here he is, 245 pieces later and less than an hour of work, with no help from me. Our Lego maniac with his rescue helicopter. Look out grandparents, stand firm! He does not "NEED" any more. Christmas is coming soon enough!


Sallie said...

Guilty as charged, but just look at that precious face!!! And just remember what a hard worker he is and how good of a painter he is!

Da thinks I've totally given in to the dark side!


Jeff said...

I'm still struggling with 24 piece puzzles...

Good work Jason!