Tuesday, February 16, 2010

monarch butterfly field trip

On Friday we picked up Nanny and Pops then headed south to Pismo Beach to check out the Monarch Butterfly Grove. I had been wanting to do this for several weeks but weather and other surprises kept us from making the trip. We arrived just in time to help celebrate Monarch Day (mark your calendars, apparently there is such a thing). We listened to a docent speak on the life cycle and migration of the monarchs and we got to eat butterfly cake! Jason taught Nanny and Pops that butterflies do not come down to the ground to play hopscotch as they had previously thought, but rather, to mate. No need for euphemisms with our young scientist.
After the butterflies, our family drove down to Santa Maria for miniature golf while Nanny and Pops went to Costco. Cameron LOVES miniature golf. It is her favorite thing to do for vacation... that and stay in a hotel.

We had a great time playing together and Hayden was considerate enough to wait patiently in her stroller and clap and cheer for us. After the golf, the girls watched the boys race around the go kart track. They had a blast! We all enjoyed dinner at In-n-Out, a little time browsing at the bookstore and then the quiet ride home.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

weather science!

Wow, I can't believe it! Finally we are doing a unit on weather science and our sunny California skies are grey and cloudy. We have wind and rain on the way. Usually my kids have to read about weather phenomenons like rain and snow, but never experience them :) Here we are making a weather vein and a wind meter. Both kids have enjoyed learning about weather the past few weeks and I'm just so excited that we have some interesting weather to observe. Even more shocking news: I'm enjoying science ( a few years too late to earn good grades but just in time to teach my kids, not a bad trade-off!).