Monday, July 20, 2009


I might crawl soon... I don't know, I mean, I've got all this space, there's toys everywhere, none of them belong to me so maybe I ought to just start taking over. It might make the big kids pay attention to me a little more... maybe. I just need to get a little stronger, push myself up and figure out how to move these arms and legs with a little purpose. I'll get back to you, maybe I'll crawl soon, maybe not... stay tuned.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Now that we are in the middle of summer the memories of my childhood summers are flooding back to me. Jason is 7 years old now and I have clear memories of being 7 and doing some of the same things that he's doing. First of all, Jason loves to play board games and card games. Cameron likes to play too, but she's likely to drop out after a few rounds whereas Jason will play until I drop out. The other day the kids and I were playing LIFE. I usually try to do the "right" thing and start out by going to college (even though you have to start the game with a loan). Jason prefers to take the career route. Inevitably, he ends up with a higher salary than me, a cooler job, and more money at the end of the game. Yesterday, Cameron's profession was professional athlete. She immediately left the living room, ran to her room and put on her baseball shirt, glove and hat. She came back ready to play. Jason was an entertainer, so he ran and got his guitar so he could put on shows during the game. I was a doctor. I lost. I feel weird playing LIFE, it's eerily right on sometimes...

Our other summer activity has been the library. Once again we're in the reading program, earning cool freebies like ice cream, hamburgers, children's museum passes and free books. I can clearly remember walking to the library in Gonzales and picking out a yellow-spined Nancy Drew mystery to read. Then we would cross the street to the post office and I would try to avoid looking at all the FBI wanted posters while my mom checked our box. I guess that's kind of a creepy memory...
Today after we got back from the library I set up the slip n slide, got on my bathing suit and waited to see how long it would take the kids to find me and join in. It wasn't long! Here are a few shots of all the fun (did you honestly think I would post pictures of myself?).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cousin time

This week has been all about cousins. Noah and Kadin are here all the way from Uganda so we have been spending lots of time playing together. The kids have been slipping and sliding at Nanny and Pops' house, eating Otter Pops and grilled cheeses and having a great time.

In other news, Darren is now on Facebook. However, in the process of making his account he managed to completely erase me from the Facebook universe. I'll be restarting this evening. If you see this please re-friend me. Thanks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

box day

FYI: Box Day is a really big deal. Box Day is the day that the Fed Ex truck pulls up to our door and some poor schmuck has to lug our 75 lb. box of books up to our door in the 100 degree heat. Box Day is the day that Jason gets excited about his upcoming school year. Box Day is my Christmas in July. Our 2nd grade materials arrived today and Jason and I had the pleasure of opening up our box and spreading out all the wonderful books all over the living room floor. Cameron was asleep but Hayden got in on the action by chewing on the bag of math cubes (Warning: those little tiny cubes are not for small children... they also hurt just as much as legos when you step on them...). I spent some time this evening organizing my binder and reading over the plans for this year. I like the way Sonlight has streamlined their Instructor Guides, I think it's great the way the schedule, questions and maps are all together for each week's assignments. You don't know what I'm talking about though.... I'm just geeking out over the shiney new books! Darren warned me that ordering so early will make Jason anxious to get started so I'm going to do my best to hold him back, at least until August.