Monday, July 6, 2009

box day

FYI: Box Day is a really big deal. Box Day is the day that the Fed Ex truck pulls up to our door and some poor schmuck has to lug our 75 lb. box of books up to our door in the 100 degree heat. Box Day is the day that Jason gets excited about his upcoming school year. Box Day is my Christmas in July. Our 2nd grade materials arrived today and Jason and I had the pleasure of opening up our box and spreading out all the wonderful books all over the living room floor. Cameron was asleep but Hayden got in on the action by chewing on the bag of math cubes (Warning: those little tiny cubes are not for small children... they also hurt just as much as legos when you step on them...). I spent some time this evening organizing my binder and reading over the plans for this year. I like the way Sonlight has streamlined their Instructor Guides, I think it's great the way the schedule, questions and maps are all together for each week's assignments. You don't know what I'm talking about though.... I'm just geeking out over the shiney new books! Darren warned me that ordering so early will make Jason anxious to get started so I'm going to do my best to hold him back, at least until August.


Hilary said...

WOW. This looks awesome. It IS like Christmas in July. I am so excited for you guys too!
I can imagine what you mean about the curriculum guides. :-) Yay. It is nice when things are organized the way you like it! Thanks for sharing that. Really.
Ok. Talk with you later! Hope your summer is going well.

Melinda said...

So the big day finally arrived--Hayden and Jason look very happy, and I am sure Cams was excited (after her nap) to join the fun. How wonderful to have an eager learner AND a willing and more than able teacher! Blessings to the whole clan, and let's plan another playday for the boys soon!

Luke said...

Happy Box Day! Woo-hoo! [smile]

May this year be your best yet.


Anonymous said...

We love box day too! Don't ya just love the smell of all those new books! Woohoo! We just started Core 1, 3 and 100 at our house!

Have a great day!