Monday, June 7, 2010

school's out--now what?

I don't know why home school moms are so anxious for the school year to be over. Honestly, I love having things to get accomplished during the day. That's mainly my personality type showing through, I like to cross things off my list! We finished school before Memorial Day weekend and to be honest, the first week was disasterous! There was a lot of clawing, screaming and tantrums because we had no plan of attack for the day. So this morning, I was ready!
First things first: feed everyone. The kids are much happier on a full stomach. Hayden especially loves a scrambled egg and toast. After breakfast, I read the girls a story, Owl Moon, and then we moved into craft time. While Cameron glued feathers onto a crude owl shape that I had cut out, Hayden spent time "drawing".

It turns out that Jason is selective now about stories and crafts. If he declares them to be "babyish" then he will settle in for a little computer time. However, some activities peak his interest so I won't get discouraged that he is growing up. Here he is, trying to ignore his crafty sister.
So there it is, my strategy for surviving summer: divide and conquer!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

family camp

Wow! I missed the whole month of May. Sorry about that, I guess the blog has been on the backburner for a while. Here's an update on what we've been up to this month:

We took a field trip to the SLO Children's Museum with our home school buddies. The kids enjoyed playing in all the areas including the cafe, fire station, stage, and water table. Actually, Hayden LOVED the water table. She loved it so much that I had to take off her shirt and set it in the sun to dry for a few minutes!

Also in May, Jason completed his AWANA Sparks program. He finished all three of his books and earned the Sparky plaque. What a great night of fun and ice cream for our guy. Next year he is looking forward to being in TNT and memorizing more scripture (and playing more games of course!).

Darren is proud of his Sparky plaque too. the guys hung up their plaques side by side in Jason's room.

The highlight of May was our trip to Hartland for family camp. We had a blast! The mountains are beautiful right now, they still burst with the signs of spring. The evenings were chilly and the days were just warm enough to take off your sweatshirt. We all enjoyed the delicious food, the clean mountain air and all the activities at camp. The kids tried archery, rock wall climbing, peddle boats and canoes, the zipline, fishing, crafting, ping pong and foosball. I think we may have the next Robin Hood living in our house! If you ask Cameron, she'll tell you that her favorite part of camp was the cabin with BUNK BEDS! And yes, she slept on a top bunk.
Hayden watches intensely as her dad takes on a challenger in shuffleboard.
Jason conquered his fears and spent all afternoon on the zipline.
Darren bravely takes the kids out on a canoeing excursion. Hayden and I stayed on shore to run for towels if necessary.
Cameron is an excellent fisherwoman. Her favorite part is casting a line so even if a fish wanted to jump on, I don't think she'd give them a chance!

The kids had a great time with their friends from home and they made new friends too. Here they are with their buddies, Alex and Andree.