Monday, June 7, 2010

school's out--now what?

I don't know why home school moms are so anxious for the school year to be over. Honestly, I love having things to get accomplished during the day. That's mainly my personality type showing through, I like to cross things off my list! We finished school before Memorial Day weekend and to be honest, the first week was disasterous! There was a lot of clawing, screaming and tantrums because we had no plan of attack for the day. So this morning, I was ready!
First things first: feed everyone. The kids are much happier on a full stomach. Hayden especially loves a scrambled egg and toast. After breakfast, I read the girls a story, Owl Moon, and then we moved into craft time. While Cameron glued feathers onto a crude owl shape that I had cut out, Hayden spent time "drawing".

It turns out that Jason is selective now about stories and crafts. If he declares them to be "babyish" then he will settle in for a little computer time. However, some activities peak his interest so I won't get discouraged that he is growing up. Here he is, trying to ignore his crafty sister.
So there it is, my strategy for surviving summer: divide and conquer!


Sallie said...

I bet Jason could pick out a story and craft for the girls, read the story and help them with the craft! How about it Jase?

Love, Nanny

Justice and Ashley Jones said...

Hi Jen,

As you mentioned Jason and his computer time I thought of a website. Have you heard of Starfall?

Jason may enjoy some of the activities.


Melinda said...

I agree with Sallie! Good for you,Jen. I need to figure out how to keep my kids off the computer, Wii, DS, and TV! Maybe we'll have to have a "No Electricity Day" or something, except for the AC! Let's find some time to go to the park together this summer!

Hilary said...

Hey! Good to catch up. Trying to catch up on friends and my own blog... now that summer is half over, I should be finding more time?
Your kids get cuter all the time!