Friday, November 16, 2007


So, I'll admit that sometimes, Darren and I become very desparate parents. Our latest dilemma is the state of our children's diets. Our kids prefer to subsist on crackers and juice. They will occasionally humor us by eating yogurt, a pb&j sandwich or some applesauce. The other night we were disgusted by our kid's refusal to eat homemade macaroni and cheese. Yeah, noodles, cheese and a crushed cracker topping... sounds like awful kid-food right? Darren's response (after calming down and putting the kids to bed) was to create a game based on one of our current favorite games, Whoonu. Whoonu is from the Cranium folks. It's a game of ranking random items and scoring points and basically laughing at the ridiculous items you have to rank in order from least to most favorite. Jason loves to play this game. So Darren created Fru-nu. He took Jason to the grocery store, they picked out 8 fruits, 4 we knew we liked and 4 we had never tried before. Jason came up with the idea of tasting the with our eyes closed.... and he actually did it! We found a new language to speak to our son in, games. The results were great. We had a fun afternoon trying new fruits, Jason exhibited bravery in the face of new things and the kids ate something new. I really hope Darren doesn't invent Veg-nu because I would have to pass.

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