Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pretzel day

Yesterday's activities were a hit! We still have a few hems to sew for the banner so I hope to get to that today. The pretzels were very yummy and very simple to make. All pictures were taken by Jason:This is our yeast getting foamy. Yeast is pretty cool.Of course Cameron was in full baker girl costume.Hayden was not interested in baking; she prefers life in the jumparoo.Like I said earlier, Jason was the photographer for the day. This is his point of view. Sometimes pictures turn out great like this, other times pictures include unflattering shots of my rear end. I'll need to jump ahead about 20 pictures in order to spare myself a little embarrassment.

After hearing far too many giggles I finally snatched the camera away and took these last few shots. Pretzel day was a success!


David A. Rusco said...

Even though I've never really liked pretzels, I bet I would have loved these!!!

John said...

Me too!

Sallie said...

I really love "Baker Girl's" outfit!

Jason is a great photographer. Do you remember the picture you took of Nanny and Pops at Starbucks? It's one of my favorites.

Love Nanny