Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh my, this is embarrassing! It's been so long since I've visited blogger that I nearly forgot how to log in. I won't give you any excuses, I'm sure you can imagine the things that keep me away from blogging. First of all, this kid continued to be cute:

This kid turned 5:
And she got a new scooter:

And then this guy showed up. Twice.
He brought his family along.
And then a little of this happened:
And then there was this:
Then this little one discovered how to climb up on the dining table to get to her big sister's stuff. Mom snapped a pic then removed little sis before big sis blew a gasket.

And finally, this boy who grew into a giant, read through the entire 5 books of the Percy Jackson series. Here he is reading in the special reading fort with the girls.
Of course, then there was Christmas, but I'm going to be ambitious and promise you another blog post before the year's end.

Does anybody have an explanation for why blogger started underlining all my text?


Sallie said...

I think I should earn 100 Swagbucks for being the first to find your new blog!

Melinda said...

Do I get 50 for being 2nd? What's a Swagbuck?

Jillian said...

I don't have a for sure explanation, but I noticed mine underlining whenever I would start typing right before or after a photo, without hitting enter and spacing it out. Weird...I don't really understand it either.