Tuesday, September 20, 2011

living in the in between...

Yesterday Darren texted me and suggested I put up a new blog post, it had been a month since the last one.  All I could think was, where did this month go?  And then I got to thinking...

1.  We had a major yard sale.  Well, not as major as I would have liked, but as I told people : "This time, I'm selling stuff I actually use!"  If you've ever been to a yard sale you know exactly what I mean.  The early birds swipe anything resembling a good deal and all that's left for the folks who enjoy sleeping in a bit  are the castoffs of your garage or attic.  As soon as I decided to let go of a lot of my extra serving dishes, storage containers and kitchen stuff that I only use once in a while, this happened:

2.  We've been hosting friends and get-togethers like crazy!  Yeah.  I'm not really an impromptu kind of girl, but this past month we've had a lot of unexpected drop-in moments that have been quite fun.  It's a good learning experience for me in creativity and scouring the pantry for ways to make food and drink stretch.  Also, it's been humbling to be satisfied with a half-decorated house and a limited kitchen.  As if that weren't humbling enough:

3.  Hayden is potty-training.  Yes, this is a humbling experience for me.  Have you ever chased a 2  1/2 year old around, trying to convince her that dancing will not make the pee-pee feeling go away?  Have you ever showed up to home group with a froggy potty seat?  Have you ever just barely put your slip-covers back on after a fresh wash before company shows up at the door?  Ha, ha!  Maybe I just eliminated point #2!

She's doing a great job and I think she's finally got the hang of it.  Although, I'm not sure we are ready to end the M&M rewards!

4.  The Kia died and came back to life.  I know, stop right there:  we bought a Kia, therefore we should have expected a major mishap.  But honestly,  I don't think this was a coincidence.  We have been experiencing lots of bumps along the road to Scotland.  We are extremely grateful to all who have surrounded us with support as we went through this ordeal.

5.   Despite the earlier remarks about the kitchen stuff, I am really enjoying giving stuff away.  I just recently gave my desk to a friend.  My dining table is promised to another friend, my couch is claimed and I'd really like to give my treadmill to another friend.  As I look around my house I realize that the stuff we own is trivial.  I have a husband who loves me, healthy children and most importantly a great God who has called us all to pick up and go.   I'm so excited about the call that I could care less about the stuff in my house!

So that's what's up at the Rusco House.  I've heard that it's fall, but nobody gave San Miguel the message, so we continue to bake in our 90 degree weather.   We are preparing to drive to Colorado next month for some training.  The kids will have a break from school, but I'll probably be a dorky home school mom and make the road trip a learning experience anyway!  Hopefully, I'll blog about that journey :)

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