Saturday, December 17, 2011

birth pains

No, I'm not pregnant.  As I look at the clear blue California sky, I'm thinking about storms and moving and birthdays.

There is a lot of stuff going on right now.  As we get ready for Christmas and our big move you could imagine our family being swept up in a storm, consumed by the chaos around us and unable to control our actions and emotions.  But the funny thing about being in the middle of something like a storm or even childbirth, is the clarity that comes when you least expect it.

They say all sorts of stuff about being in a storm... Like it's calm in the eye of the storm or there's a calm before the storm. I don't know much about true storms. In this part of California we don't have much crazy weather, our only natural disaster claim to fame is earthquakes and there's no warning, or calm before or calm in the eye of it. There's only aftermath. I think birth is like a storm, a coming experience that will change you, test you and prove you.

2000 years ago an entire nation was on the move, everyone heading to his hometown to be counted in a census. Sheesh, giving birth in the middle of that movement would put a girl on edge. But then the most peaceful, life-giving thing happened. The Savior was born.

3 years ago we had just moved. My body was a storm, a hostile environment for a baby. We were on edge, praying for calm, normal blood pressure and liver and kidneys that would hold on for 37 weeks. I remember being on bed rest, trying my best to pray for peace while my head buzzed with ache and I could feel my blood racing through my body. Our baby girl was delivered, she was the most peaceful, sweet presence, but I continued to expand into a puffy marshmallow. Medicine and the sweetness of Hayden eased me back to normal and we were finally able to go home.

Today, everyone asks us how things are going, I think they expect us to be drenched by a storm. We are happy to report that God is holding us in the calm eye of what could be a Category 5 hurricane. We are experiencing peace and joy as we prepare of Christmas and prepare for the birth of our new life in Scotland. Like any pregnant woman, we are both nesting and going through crazy de-cluttering streaks. We are filled with anticipation and hope. We are constantly reassuring the kids that we will love them through this transition, that the new arrival will not disrupt our family, but make us stronger and more united in love.

I'm excited about our new birth. Sure, it will disrupt life as we know it, it will be a BIG move, it will be a bit painful, and it will cause some tears. But our family will never be the same and for that I am grateful.


WADE said...

So glad to hear God's provision in your life. We are so excited about your arrival, and what the next years hold for you. Can't wait till you get here. Wade

Melinda said...

I'm already anticipating the tears! Thrilled for you, too. Sounds like you have some good friends already in place in Scotland, for which I am thankful. I know what a blessing you will be to them, too!