Saturday, August 3, 2013

End of the school year... finally

Today was Hayden's graduation from nursery.  The children had a little party and then the parents came into the hall where the children performed their special songs.  The children leaving nursery for primary school were given certificates.  It was lovely as you would expect.  Hayden and her sweet friend Sophie happily posed for pictures with their teacher Ms. Muir.

I am more than ready for this school year to be over.  I think the burn out hit its peak last night at midnight as I sat sobbing on the edge of my bed, filled with regrets over the things we didn't accomplish in our school with the big kids.  Looking back on it in the light of day I see how ridiculous it was, but in the moment I was overcome with panic.  Yes, I panic.  I worry just as much as the mom who works and juggles her children between daycare & school.  I need to remind myself that we are all in this "doing-the-best-we-can-with-what-we-have" place.  It's parenthood.  I also need to remind myself that we are raising our children in a different culture and their education will look different than their peers in the US.  Deep breath.  They're going to be OK.

So today I packed away all the school books.  I'm hiding everything school related until August.  In July I just want to enjoy my kids.  Here in the UK the summer holiday is only 6 weeks, and I intend to relax as best I can.  I replaced the school boxes with my scrapbook & craft boxes and hope to get a bit creative over the next few weeks.  

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