Saturday, November 16, 2013

radish sprouts

In Cameron's science lessons we are learning about plants. She is learning about how they grow from seed to plant by creating a greenhouse in our kitchen. The tiny radish seed sprouts a root almost immediately and develops cotyledons soon after. The seed shell is soon discarded and the sprout looks like a tiny plant complete with root, stem and leaves. She then plants the radish in dirt and watches as the plant thrives with nutrients from the soil, water and light. I think the radish seedling is beautiful. The leaves spread open and face the sun. The leaves will move if you move their light source. The leaves need the light for photosynthesis, the process of creating energy from light. I was running on the Kelvin walkway this morning. The trail is a reprieve from city life as it lazily follows the Kelvin river while the city buzzes above. I took a moment to stop as I was crossing the bridge leading to the Botanic Gardens. Admittedly, this is not the best time of year for autumnal glory. The sky was murky and the ground is covered with slimy remains of fallen leaves. But when I took the time to look around at all the leaves that remained I knew that they were clinging to the branches, hoping for one more day to open themselves to the sun. The tree branches reach to the sky knowing that as their leaves fall to the ground there is promise for new leaves to come in the spring. We often fail to see the symbolism in our surroundings. When science says plants need light for energy there is an opportunity to make the connection that we need God in the very same way. When history points out man's inhumanity to man there is an opportunity to say sin is destructive and we need redemption. In literature we can see that there is nothing new under the sun and God's big story is the model for all others. In art we can see what hopeless world we would live in if God did not create color and creativity. This would be the perfect opportunity for a shameless home school plug. But the fact is any God-fearing parent can make these connections in conversation with their children at any time. We live in God's world. Our very breath and life are dependent on His mercy. For today, for the things that we are facing, this is the most peaceful, beautiful thought.