Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas roundup

It's over already, can you believe it? All the preparations and crafts and baking..... no reason to stop the crafts and baking! The kids enjoyed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because they were both packed with visiting and opening presents and playing with toys. Jason spent most of Christmas Eve constructing his new Lego airport at Nanny and Da's house while Cameron mashed all her beautiful new playdough into big swirling blob. My mom bought my love and devotion with the gift of a Kitchen Aid mixer and my dad gave Darren the gift of heat for his truck. We also went to Grandma Jean's house that evening for a quick Rusco Christmas. In the morning we gave the kids their scooters for Christmas. We then headed over to Darren's parents for breakfast and more presents. Grammy's theme this year was pajamas, and we all love our new jammies. Of course, Jason got more Legos, so we lost him for another day. We are very appreciative of all the wonderful gifts we received this year and were very happy to be able to give gifts as well.


Anonymous said...

Jen,I echo your sentiments about the Kitchen Aid mixer. Jeff already knows that my dying wish is to be buried with my mixer.

Sallie said...

Jen and Darren - You also bought our undying love and devotion with the fire bowl and homemade marshmallows!

Love, Mom