Friday, December 7, 2007

saving the earth.... one craft at a time

I don't know why, but for some reason I hoard those plastic bags that you get at every store. For some reason I think that I may use them all someday. And unfortunately our apartment complex does not recycle... so the space between my refrigerator and countertop is jammed with obnoxious plastic bags. Until today. Since it's popular to be environmentally aware these days (and you know I'm such a trend follower...) I jumped at the chance to make this wreath out of bags. It was time-consuming and I think I may have inhaled too many chemicals from cutting all the bags. I'm sure my lungs will clear soon. But for now, enjoy these pictures. Darren and Jason were helping until a tragic scissor incident sidelined Darren. Jason had to help him recuperate by doing Mad Libs , so I was left on my own. The instructions are on the make&take section of two peas in a bucket, a scrapbooking website.

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