Tuesday, October 14, 2008

look who's 3!

Yes, today is the big 3 for Cameroo! Although, we aren't really making a big deal out of today because it would be very confusing for her. We had a party Saturday night with both sets of grandparents, so in her mind, that was it. Here are a few pictures of the birthday girl in her birthday crown, with her Rocket cake and opening her presents. Condolences go out to Darren and Dad who will forever be sharing their birthday party with Cameron. Good thing pink cake is strawberry flavored and so yummy!


Luke said...

Happy Birthday!


Sallie said...

Happy Birthday, Cams! What a fun party and a super delicious cake!

Love, Nanny

Hilary said...

Three already? Oh my. Happy Happy Birthday!
Hope's cake was pink too! per her request! :)