Thursday, October 9, 2008


So we finally started the big mummy project. We've been working our way through history and have finally arrived at Ancient Egypt. Last week Jason was creating secret messages for us by using hierogylphics and also making paint the Egyptian way, from rocks. This week we started preserving Abraham, our mummy. Abraham is an unfortunate fellow who is made of two apples. He was cleaned with rubbing alcohol, sprinkled with cinnamon and finally covered in natron (baking soda and salt). He will be sitting out on our counter for a few weeks, or until he has completely dried out (or as long as I can stand to have him around). He will then be wrapped in linens and buried in a sarcophogus. Here are a few pictures of the process.


Sallie said...

What an interesting project! I cant wait to see Abraham.


Hilary said...

Keep us posted on the mummy progress! This is very fascinating!

BTW: That is a really cool metal tray you have there! Goodness, I miss our days in Married Student Housing... no scratch that. I miss my friends from there! So glad we can keep in touch!