Monday, September 14, 2009

the flu or un-flu, but definitely NOT swine flu

We're a house of little sickies these days. Jason came down with a nasty cold/cough/fever/dry heave thing on Thursday and on Friday we took him in to make sure it wasn't the BIG one. With a negative test result Jason and I headed home to share the good news and prepare for the imminent probability of the whole family's illness. So far just Cameron has caught the bug from her generous brother.

I've been spending my time wiping every surface with anti-bacterial wipes, drinking ridiculous amounts of water and refusing to get sick myself. The nights are full of interruptions, mostly from sweaty, feverish Cameron and Hayden who wakes up when her plug falls out of her mouth. Jason is a constant cougher but he still manages to sleep through it all. We've watched a lot of movies, played Uno, Sorry, Life, Monopoly and eaten a lot of crackers.

Today the weather has been great so we went outside for a little fresh air. We harvested our carrot crop ( sigh...) and untangled the table and chairs from the enormous pumpkin vine. I think the lack of bees has affected this plant as there's lots of flowers but maybe only one pumpkin forming.

And now, I'm off to play another game with Jason.


Sallie said...

Such pitiful little faces! I spent the day bleaching my house. No sickies here!

Jason - tell Nanny when you need some more cookies or bananny bread!

Melinda said...

Trev's had the same symptoms (minus the dry heaves) since Thursday, and his test also was neg for H1N1, though the doc said it could still be that. Doesn't really matter---rest, fluids, and fever reducing meds are still the answer. Hopefully, he'll be back to school tomorrow. Get better, Jas and Cam!!!