Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We're back at it and the blog suffers once again! Here are a few pictures from school. In the shot above Cameron is glueing cereal to the letter a. She is doing a basic letter of the week program, Bible readings and nursery rhymes. We're studying the letter b this week. So, that means reading some Brown Bear, Brown Bear or as Jason used to call it, "Bobber, Bobber". today was our 09-09-09 party. The kids made cupcake toppers while the cupcakes cooled. We frosted, sprinkled and topped the cupcakes then enjoyed some Sprite in our fancy glasses while we played Sudoku (get it?). Happy 09-09-09 everyone!


Sallie said...

Can't wait until you get to "N" week for NANNY!

John said...

Sudoku - argggg1 Why is it that teachers always find a way with hidden math solving schemes? 9/9/9, yeah, I get it. Did you know that it was also the 252 day of the year? Add up the integers, what do you get?