Saturday, January 29, 2011

3rd child

Sometimes I wonder what Hayden will remember when she looks back on her childhood. Does she care that mom was so burned out on preschool songs that she never sang to her? Or will she simply be grateful that mom never sang to her? The other night we were playing with a toy bus and I started to sing "The Wheels on the Bus". Hayden looked at me with wide-eyed amazement and announced "MO!" (more). 23 verses later I was able to put that song to rest.

Last week we did marble paintings. I needed a quick and easy art project for our Tuesday art lesson and I'd also been stockpiling cereal this month (crazy coupon deals-- I'm trying not to go overboard but...). So with a quick dig in the recycle box we had all our supplies.
I didn't realize what a great project this would be for Hayden until she grabbed a box of her own.
Silly me. I need to do my best to remember what the other kids were doing at 2 years old so that Hayden doesn't miss out. Look at this face:
Now she points out her painting with pride. What else am I forgetting? I should look back at my own blog to get ideas for Hayden.
Or I could just ask this girl. She loves to remember back to her days as a 2 year old. In fact, marble painting was her idea. I think by the time I finally put all the paints and paper away Cam had completed 7 paintings!

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Sallie said...

How many pre-school songs do you think Mrs. Duggar has sung? Just asking...

Actually, I've been thinking the same thing when she is at our house. She loves to do whatever the big kids do and we forget to let her do "pre-school" stuff.