Tuesday, January 11, 2011

library card

Today was a big deal. A milestone for Little Miss 5 Year Old. She signed her name on the very important form (and mom did too) and POOF! just like that, Cameron is SLO County's newest library patron. She feels like hot stuff.

I made a little pocket on her library bag for her new card. Hopefully, this will deter loss. Hopefully.

Little Miss 5 Year Old developed quite an unpleasant attitude toward school this year. She learned to read early on and now she can't understand why in the world she would need to continue doing school work. She can read, what else is there?

Perhaps being the ever-so-important reader of books for her little sister can satisfy Miss Cam.
It seems to make Little Miss 2 Year Old very happy.



Sallie said...

Congratulations Cams! This is a very important day!
Love, Nanny

Melinda said...

WOW! What a big girl you are, Cams, and a super reader, too! Hayden is so blessed to have a big sister to read to her! I like your Library bookbag, too! That's pretty special with the Library card pocket and flowers and everything!!

Kristy Knorr said...

Cute, all 3 of mine got cards over the summer, they love checking out books & dvds, since Aubrey is home with me..we go there usually 2x a week and so she can get as much as she wants! way to go Cameron!