Saturday, April 28, 2012

April part 1

Say it with me: "It's a GOOD thing that Jen is too busy to blog!"

Right?  I mean, wouldn't you all feel bad if I had so much lonely, empty time on my hands that I blogged non-stop about how lonely and empty I feel?

Yeah, I'm not buying it either.  Let's do an April round-up:

In April, the girls learned that NOTHING repels a big brother like the threat of a sister's kiss.  

The kids attended our church's Holiday Club in the week leading up to Easter.  They LOVED it.

And here they are in their Easter finery.  After this shot we bundled up in 13 layers and headed out to church.

Also in April, our SHIPMENT finally arrived.  The word SHIPMENT is forever established in our children's vocabulary as a noun meaning "the big mysterious container that has kept our beloved toys hostage for 3 months!"

Perry finally made it to Glasgow.

And Lego fever has completely consumed the boy.

And my 4th child arrived and is waiting for a proper christening.  I'll take suggestions...

Last, but certainly not least, our quest to find an awesome burger in Glasgow lead us to our own kitchen where Darren created the most amazing delicacy the world has ever known.  At least, that's how it felt to us after suffering through some awful Scottish burgers.

So there's April, part 1.  In part 2 we'll discuss the event entitled, "Jason's birthday".  Yup, part 2 is on its way...

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