Sunday, April 29, 2012

April part 2

What?  2 blog posts in April!  Its your lucky day!

In April, a very special boy turned 10 years old.  In fact, it was my favorite son's birthday.  Yeah, I totally have a favorite son.

This is Jason, the morning of his birthday, April 25th.  He is anticipating great things.

Boy, was he right.  We didn't put the kids bikes in the shipment, so getting a bike is a top priority.  The tricky part is that here, they have to lug their bikes up to our flat rather than cruise into their parking spot in the garage.

Since it was raining all day and bitterly cold Jason made do and rode around our flat as best he could.  We took the kids out in the afternoon for a round of "crazy golf" (the UK term for miniature golf).  The boy smoked us all and made 4 hole in ones!

Later that evening he dined with the Avengers and was completely embarrassed when the waiter got our section of the restaurant to sing Happy Birthday to him.  Good stuff.

Since his birthday was on a Wednesday we also had a Saturday celebration with his buddies.  What's a party without these crazy friends?

The kids enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Riverside Museum, a museum about the history of transportation in Glasgow.  And if you know anything about Jason, you know that his first love has always been cars!

 After the museum we headed back to our place for dinner.

There was pizza...

and cake...

and ninjas!

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Melinda said...

Looks like it was a great celebration. Unfortunately, a certain blond boy named Trevor was missing from all the fun pictures! We miss you guys! Sorry Trevor hasn't written yet. He keeps forgetting and then feels bad about it! He misses you like crazy, Jason!! Glad you had a great birthday!