Thursday, June 28, 2012

May and June roundup

Whew!  Time flies when you're having fun... let's take a look at all the happenings of the Rusco 5:

One of the perks of living in Scotland is that Darren gets to visit golf courses he has only seen on TV.  Of course, playing on the courses would be an added bonus, but since that isn't happening anytime soon, we do our best to enjoy the sights.  Here we are at Troon after a golf course drive-by.  The kids are getting better at taking pictures of us, but most times we have to settle for the outstretched arm maneuver as seen here.

This is Cameron, dramatically posing in front of the People's Palace at Glasgow Green.  Inside the palace is a free museum dedicated to the story of the people of Glasgow.  Also on the grounds of the Green is a giant inflatable version of Stonehenge.  I think it was an art exhibit, and I know it was appreciated by my kids.

Once again, we needed to get a piece of furniture.  So once again, the kids took advantage of the free cardboard.  Here they are playing their cardboard instruments for the camera.  They use these to perform along with their favorite music videos and were inspired by this one:

In May, Nanny and Pops returned from their time in Serbia and we spent some time touring the country with them.  Here we are at the Falkirk Wheel, a true modern marvel!

A few days after they left we took a day trip to Dumbarton Castle and spent the afternoon climbing the ruins and taking in the sights along the Clyde River.

The beginning of June brought the much anticipated celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  We enjoyed many of the programs, parades, concerts and general coverage of the Jubilee.  We also enjoyed the time with friends as we met up for several get-togethers over the long holiday weekend.

One of the highlights of the month has been the loss of Cameron's tooth.  Despite this amazing smile, the event was traumatic and full of tears.  She currently has two more wobbly teeth and I dread the day the next one falls out!

My birthday was June 15 and since Grammy and Papa had just arrived in town we took the whole gang bowling for the afternoon.  Hayden was able to play with us, which meant there was much celebration and hugging after every turn.  

We also celebrated Father's Day with our favorite dad!

Here we are at a cafe for lunch with Grammy and Papa.  Fortunately for us and everyone else at the cafe it was a nice day and we could eat outside in the garden.  When you combine the slow service of Scottish restaurants with the incredible impatience and mischief of American children you end up with photos like this.

And finally, here is our favorite footballer, Cameron Rusco.  As we were driving to this park, Cameron was sitting in the back seat, saying awesome things like, "I just can't wait to get kickin' ".  Love it.

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