Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Today is day 2 of our geocaching vacation. Yesterday we found 14 caches! We started the day at 8a.m. with breakfast at McDonald's (you can't go wrong when you take kids to McDonald's!). The next stop was a series of caches in Atascadero entitled "city streets". As you may have guessed, all these caches were located on streets with city names. Everything was going well and Cameron was in a reasonable mood. We walked along the new walking trail along Morro Road, found a cache in a guide wire on Santa Rosa St. and then headed over to Santa Barbara Rd. This is where I got spooked. Jason and I were climbing along a hillside on the side of the road when the GPS indicated that we had arrived. We were at a cluster of shale (sp?) rocks and I began moving them around to see if the cache was hidden behind them. Jason was standing above me and mumbled something about a rock falling down the hillside. At that same time a small silver sportscar drove by. The rock barely missed hitting the car. I looked up just in time to catch the eye of the passenger. I felt relieved and kept in looking for the cache. About a minute later the car drove by again and this time the driver stopped to chew me out. Now, in geocaching you are supposed to appear inconspicuous, and so I stumbled over my words and apologized as much as I could without revealing why we were up on the hillside. At this point I wanted to give up and go back to the car where Darren and Cameron were waiting but Jason convinced me to keep looking. We found the caches a few moments later but that incident really shook me up! We moved on to 2 more city streets then headed over to Paloma Creek park for 2 more caches. Our favorite one at Paloma was hidden under a fake rock.
In the afternoon while Cameron napped, Jason and Darren found 2 caches on Spring Street that we had tried before but not previously found. In the evening Jason and Darren got the bug to go out again and this time they brought Papa along. They found 3 caches and discovered the Estrella Adobe, a little church in the country with a graveyard in the back dating to 1885.
This morning we dined on donuts and took off to north Atascadero to find a series of caches on the de Anza trail. We got a late start this morning (9:45), and by the time we found the last cache at 11, the sun was blazing hot and we were drained! It would have been more fun exploring the dry Salinas River if Cameron was a little older, but that's part of the adventure.

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