Monday, June 25, 2007

save the drama for your mama

This is Jason's current favorite quote. It comes from Richard Davis, the real estate wizard who rules South Carolina on his TLC show, "The Real Deal" (or now "The Real Estate Pros", the other name must have been taken already.... some poor intern probably got fired over that overlooked detail). My kids are very good at "save the drama for your mama". This morning was no exception. Today was opening day for Jr. Giants baseball (it's a free baseball camp for kids put on by the Giants and the local police department). Everything was going well, I was well equiped with snacks and coloring supplies for Cameron. Jason and I found his coach and she gave him his shirt and hat. Now all we had to do was wait for the ceremony. They say the waiting is the worst part, and for Jason this is especially true! I think anytime he has time to think about what he's about to do the anticipation brings on nervousness and stress. When it was time to line up and head out to the field with his team for the ceremony he froze, clung to my leg and refused to move. He even began to whimper. This was the exact moment that Cameron chose to throw a fit, and not just any fit, this was one of those "help- this lady is trying to kidnap me!" type of fits. The screaming, beating my head, arching her back, shaking her head kind of fit. Nice. The only thing I could think to do was hide. So I scooped up both kids and moved away from the crowd of gawking parents and found a quiet niche behind a dugout. I put Cameron down and she soon settled into a running routine (up the sidewalk, down the sidewalk) that brought joy to her troubled soul. Jason and I watched the introductions and first pitch. He did not want to play. After the ceremony we watched a little bit of the first t-ball game. He was very happy to watch, even rooting for the kids, but he still refused to play. Oh well, who wants their kid to be a Giant anyway?


Sallie said...

I love Richard Davis - TEAMWORK!

S said...

WOW!!!!! A Rusco kid in a Giants' uniform??? I wish I would have known about this on the day-of ... I'd have been there to cheer Jason on and tell him there was hope! He didn't have to be an Indians' fan! There's another way!!! Oh well. At least there are pictures ... It makes so much of my baseball martyrdom in high school seem worth it now.

-Steph (Paulus) Larsen