Sunday, June 10, 2007

cookie monster

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of witnessing my daughter's most beautiful moment of childhood. We were sitting around the dinner table, finishing a meal and Cameron took note of her messy hands. With brilliant determination, she reached out to the napkin pile, grabbed one and wiped her hands and face clean. I still get teary.... because, you see, I like things to be clean. I like a clean house, clean car, clean children, clean everything. My mom bought Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook for me and I read from it daily (some would call it my "Marble": Martha+Bible). Back to Cameron, this was a beautiful moment because it solidified my daughter's place in a clean heritage passed from my mom to me and now to Cameron. This habit continued and even became a pasttime for Cameron (she especially likes using baby wipes to clean things around the house... sigh...).
This evening cancelled out everything! At dinner Cameron dutifully ate and then proceeded to smear her filthy hands all over her flyaway hair. The grease plastered her hair to her head. I gave the kids a chocolate chip cookie for dessert and again Cameron ate and then smeared. I will not give up so easily! She will love cleanliness! In fact, as soon as she heard the bathwater start she ran to the bathroom. There's hope for my girl....


Jeff said...


Napkins are great - I love to eat them. You should try it.


Sallie said...

It's good to know that OCD is passed on from generation to generation! Keep up the good work!