Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jason's blog

Hi. This is Jason. I'm 5. Ilike to play with little legos. I like to play card games, like poker and Uno. I like to play t-ball. I chose this picture of me and my cousin Noah because I like to go to Africa. I'm going to kindergarten after summer is over. My teacher is Mrs. Ricks. I really like my classroom. Thanks for reading my blog. jason


Sallie said...

Jason - What a fun blog! Did you know that the picture you chose of you and Noah is one of my favorite pictures? I hope you keep writing blogs because I love reading them!

Love, Nanny

Jeff said...


Come and visit again. We got a new swing for the tree because dad broke the one in the picture.


David A. Rusco said...

Great blog Jason. PaPa will keep reading.