Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pure Drivel

Disclaimer: I stole that title from Steve Martin. It seemed applicable to my first blog .

Yes, it's true, the Rusco's have a blog. Now the entire world can hear about our day to day lives.... that is, if I keep this up! I know some of you may read my brother's blog which is all about their life in Uganda. Trust me, this will be nothing like that. My family doesn't get weird diseases and we don't have rodents and PG&E is very good to us. In fact, I decided to start a blog because our kids are getting bigger and more active so this seemed the best way to communicate their accomplishments. For example, today we started spring training. Jason will be playing t-ball for about 3 weeks this summer as part of our city's Jr. Giants baseball program. The Giants organization and the city police department host a free camp for kids at a local park. (Don't hate us Dodger fans... Darren is an Indians fan... he's not too thrilled about this sponsorship either). But let's face it, what self-respecting stay-at-home, budget-conscious mom is going to deny a free program? Not this one! Back to spring training: we bought a tee and took the kids to the park after dinner tonight. Four words: our kid is good. I'll try to contain myself.
Cameron knows a few tricks. She is in a real puppy phase of toddler-hood. She is excellent at fetch. She even knows commands like, "go home" and "drop it!" Her greatest feat is non-verbal communication. Tonight she went to her drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a cup. She then brought it to Darren. His first thought was to fill it with Cheerios. He was wrong. She dumped the Cheerios into her drawer and pointed to the fridge. He reached in for milk. She vigorously shook her head no. He then reached for apple juice. She nodded yes and peace fell over our household. Cameron will surprise us some day and just start speaking coherently. That should be good.
Ok, good start. I'll log off now and save my musings for another day. Jen

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Sallie said...

Glad to see you have entered the blogging world. Nanny and Da are looking forward to daily updates! Hi Jason! Hi Cameron!