Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Now that Jason is kindergarten in the mornings, I've been able to have some desperately needed one-on-one time with Cameron. I've always known that she's different from Jason and the same things that worked with him don't work with her, but now I've been able to understand her specific needs. My girl needs to move! Jason could sit inside and play quietly all day, but Cameron can only stand that until about 9am. So after we drop off Jason I take a walk with a friend and then we head to the park for some serious play time. She can play hard for a long time.... running, sliding, swinging. The only thing that will make her stop for a break is the promise of a snack. Today we tried a new activity. I took Cameron to a gym for their parent and me session. She loved it! This gym has a super springy floor for the gymnasts but during the mornings the toddlers can run on it and have their circle time with songs and games. They have a lot of free time to jump on the trampolines and climb over the obstacle course. Cameron was in heaven because they have the most amazing trampoline. If you've ever been to our house you've probably watched the kids run down our hall and dive into the couch. Well, this trampoline was as long and as wide as our hallway running path. Cameron would not get off! Itried to take a few pictures but she's just too fast. She also loved the tunnel, pictured here. This class totally wore her out after 45 minutes and she became a delightful little girl who I could take into the library afterwards. It's amazing how a little play time will take her edge off and make her fun to take out in public. Lesson learned!


Sallie said...

I love the new pictures! How tired was Mommy after the 45 minutes of chasing after (keeping up with)Cameron???

Love, Nanny

Jen said...

Mom, in Cameron's words, " Boppy sweepy!".

Anonymous said...

Jen, now you know why Kadin had to start preschool at 2 1/2. How I wish we had cool kids things like this here in Uganda so that I could wear Kadin out more often instead of him wearing me out.