Friday, September 14, 2007

a little mommy time....

Fridays are going to be sweet! On Fridays the kids can stay at school until 12:30 (instead of 11:45) and eat lunch with the big kids. So today, Darren took Jason to school and Cameron and I stayed home. While she got down to business playing with Jason's Rescue Heroes, I got down to business cleaning out his toybox. Gone are all the happy meal toys, broken parts and packaging that he likes to keep in order to play "store". There was no little voice behind me saying, "oh, that's important... I need that... I know the rest of it is around here somewhere...." I was a whirlwind of productivity, sweeping up junk with a vengance, and loving every minute of it! After I was done with the kids' room I looked around my house looking for some other victim..... I haven't had a rush this great since I first cracked open my Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook! TGIF!

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Sallie said...

Next Friday you can borrow my carpet cleaner - that's a REAL rush!