Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The first day of school has finally arrived! All the anticipation is over and we can get on with normal life again! Here are a few pictures from the first day. We arrived early so that I could get a few more pictures and Jason could get settled in to his classroom. We met up with Sidney Key and I think Jason was relieved to walk in with a buddy. After finding his hook, hanging up his backpack and finding his cubby we looked for his spot at the tables. What a great surprise..... Jason and Sidney were assigned to seats next to each other at the same table! This will be great until the jitters are over, but once these guys get warmed up they'll be in trouble! Jason was a little nervous, but didn't cry and Darren and I were able to get out of the room without a scene. To get over the trauma, er, sadness, Darren took me to Target to buy season 3 of The Office. I bought the "Nifty Gifty" edition and settled in for a few laughs before the return trip to school. Cameron did alright playing on her own, although she only wanted to play with Jason's Rescue Heroes and Cars cars. We picked Jason up at 11:45, said good-bye to Sidney and headed back to Paso to pick up Darren and go to McDonald's. The poor kid was grilled by his parents and grandparents and I think he had the best time going back home and playing trains by himself! Day 1 was a success!


Sallie said...

Jason - You look so grown up now and very handsome too! What was the best part about your first day at school??? Did you like the ice cream at Coldstone?

Love, Nanny

Jeff said...

Jason, every day Kadin doesn't poop his pants at school we count a success... so here's to many successful days for you!

Uncle Jeff