Thursday, January 3, 2008

i promise

I promise you loyal blog readers that I will grab my camera as quickly as I possibly can the minute Cameron dresses up in another one of her wacky outfits. My favorite from yesterday was when she emerged from her room in nothing but a black beanie, hot pink Strawberry Shortcake underwear and black boots. That's probably not appropriate internet material, but it was hilarious. She also decided to visit Nanny and Da's house wearing her Christmas jammies, Lightening and Mater slippers, Dora the explorer sunglasses and Jason's old Mickey Mouse baseball hat. The best part was when she stopped to pose for Nanny by leaning against the wall and crossing her legs in a Dockers-commercial sort of way. Her favorite outfit everyday is just a diaper. About 10 o'clock every morning she gets sick of her girl clothes and demands to take them off. Lately she's been raiding Jason's t-shirt drawer for "Cars" shirts. I promise, I promise, I promise.... evidence will be posted shortly!

1 comment:

Sallie said...

Why didn't I think to grab my camera? I think I was so overwhelmed by this budding creative genius I couldn't think straight!

Love, Nanny