Tuesday, January 8, 2008

pre-emptive strike

Last year I thought growth was my enemy. I had Jason wear shorts to school as long as possible so that we could put off buying pants that he would outgrow. The weather turned cold and my true enemy emerged: holes. Apparently, Jason is a football player. I'd love to watch one of these football games at recess. I know it involves a lot of running and sliding and you do this regardless of if you have the ball or not. I started to notice that every time I looked over at Jason he had a hole in his pants right at the knee, always on the left side. On Sunday I decided to stop playing defense and start fighting back. I bought some patches and ironed them to the inside of every pair of Jason's pants. I hope my plan works. In the meantime.... does Sears still sell Tuffskins?

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hilarious said...

Good luck to you. I hope it works. Thankfully Brady hasn't figured out the sliding and tackling end of football yet. He has seen it...so our day is coming.