Tuesday, January 29, 2008

break in the rain

On Saturday we took a much needed break from rainy day activities and ventured out into the clear blue outdoors. The kids brought their scooters to ride along the path and I brought the camera to document the river. For some reason I am fascinated with the river, probably because there's actually water in it this year. After I took this picture of the kids 3 guys in kayaks pulled up. They had traveled up the river from Atascadero that morning. It looked like fun. I also included a picture of Cameron that I took tonight in the bathtub. She's been in a really good mood lately and expressing herself with really wide eyes when she smiles. Too cute!


hilary said...

Looks like FUN! We just got Brady a scooter for his birthday last week, so he is still learning!

What cute kids you have! Your daughter's latest smile style makes me laugh!

Sallie said...

What cute kids! I wish I had a scooter so I could go with you!

Love, Nanny