Saturday, June 28, 2008

beach day!

We finally made it to the beach this week. With gas prices holding steady above $4.50 per gallon we haven't been touring the county like I would normally do in summer. We met up with some friends who had moved away a few months ago and enjoyed the beach together. Jason loved jumping in the waves, but still has a healthy respect for the ocean. Cameron sat with me most of the time, venturing off the towel to build sand piles ("look mom, sandcastle!") and to yell at Jason to be careful. She had to peel off her clothes immediately even though the wind was a little chilly because she loves to be in her bathing suit. She would prefer to wear her bathing suit every day if I let her! Hopefully we'll be back a few more times this summer.


Sallie said...

THese kids are just ridiculously cute!

Love, Nanny

John said...

The picture is great. These kids know how to have a great time! Thanks for getting them to the ocean.