Monday, June 16, 2008

lost tooth

Yesterday, Jason lost his first tooth! He had two bottom teeth that have been very wiggly and yesterday during lunch he took a drink and one floated out of his gums. I'm so glad it was that easy! We were at Chili's for my birthday lunch (yes, it was my birthday and I am feeling very old) he plopped the little tiny tooth down on his napkin and smiled like crazy. I put the tooth in my coin purse because it was the only safe place for it. Later that evening when we went to my parents house for dinner I pulled out our old tooth fairy pillow and took it home for Jason to use. He put the tooth in the pocket and put the pillow directly under his pillow and his head. When he awoke the next morning the tooth was gone and it was replaced by a few quarters. O Happy Day! Now I have a little boy who is dying to go to Target and spend his quarters. If only he had the patience to wait for the next tooth he could buy something better.... we'll see if he can last! (note: Blogger is having problems with pictures today, I'll try again later)


Sallie said...

That tooth fairy pillow will get quite a work-out in the next few years with Jason and Cameron and then baby #3! It's funny to think that I remember making that pillow and hoping that my grandchildren would use it too!

Love, Nanny

Melinda said...

Congratulations, Jas! How exciting! Trev's lost two now and he has a wiggly top tooth, so the Tooth Fairy should be visiting our house again soon, too!! Have fun spending your quarters!