Sunday, June 8, 2008

in defense of #3

Now that the cat is out of the bag I feel a funny need to answer the silly question that people seem to want to know: was this an accident? My answer (in my very blunt and sarcastic mind) is "don't you think we know how this all works?". But honestly I think my answer boils down to one favorite thing: dogpile on daddy. In our house some evenings when Darren comes home from work he stretches out on the floor to relax but also to give an invitation to the kids to bring their best shot. They love to pile on him, wrestle, tickle and laugh like half-crazed sugar high kids. And when I get down on the floor to help them out we all end up laughing and playing and that kicks off our evening with good fun. One night in the midst of all this fun I thought why in the world would we not want to add another kid to the pile? Another voice to scream with delight when they get tickled or another pair of feet pattering in the hall to run in for a crash landing on the pile.... why not? And in fact, there's still one more seat in the back of the car. There's even one more seat on the couch to be filled. So sure, I'm going to get fat and be very uncomfortable for a few months. And then after that we'll be sleep-deprived for a few more months (I say we because Darren is great at sharing the middle of the night duties). And of course, it will be one more mouth to feed and clothes to buy and shoes (oh, the shoes!). But why not? I can see what most people are thinking: Darren got his boy and Jen got her girl, what a perfect family! Gender has never been a big issue for us, I guess that's easy to say when you have one of each, but I think we could be content with two of the same. So here we go into new territory, 3 kids. I hope the dogpile answer is satisfactory for everybody.


Sallie said...

I think its an excellent answer and an even better reason to have #3! I can't wait to have another grandbaby to love...and spoil!

Love, Nanny

Melinda said...

Great answer, Jen! It even brought tears to my eyes, and I know you understand why! If not, just ask me someday! Blessings to you, Darren, and all 3 kids!!

Jeff said...

Although it is nice to introduce your self as "the accident" I'm sure #3 will be happy to be know as "the cherry on the dogpile"... or then again you never know there could always be #4?