Sunday, August 10, 2008

12 years!

That's right, gang.  Darren and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage.  I know you can hardly believe it, we're so young and fabulous.... or maybe just young... or maybe I just still feel young.  Anyway, we had fun in Pacific Grove.  Darren drooled over the 18th at Pebble Beach as we walked it and watched a group play through.  We stopped at all the tourist stops... Cannery Row, 17 Mile Drive, Carmel.  It seems the only time I go to the Monterey area is when I'm pregnant, no kidding, I've been there with Jason, Cameron and this baby all in the belly!  Back to the real world now, our next trip to get ready for is Legoland in September!  You know who is out of his mind in crazy anticipation... poor kid, it's almost too much!


Hilary said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Darren! Jack and I celebrate 7 years on the 11th. Hee hee: that is funny 7-11. I didn't even notice that until now.

Sallie said...

12 years!!! How did that happen so fast??? We're glad you had a great weekend!

Love, Nanny and Pops