Wednesday, August 13, 2008

freezer paper stencils!

Yes, we jumped on the bandwagon and tried our hand at freezer paper stencils.  "Bandwagon... freezer paper.... what?"  I know what you're thinking, what in the world is she talking about?  There are trends in crafts just like fashion and one of those trends is freezer paper stencils.  So yesterday the kids and I jumped into the car to go to Michael's and get our supplies.  Back at home we found clip art to trace onto the freezer paper (paper side).  Then I cut out the stencil with my handy exacto knife.  Next we ironed the paper (waxy side down) on to our t-shirts.  Once the paper was firmly in place we painted (with fabric paint of course....  found at Michael's on clearance... 50 cents).  After the paint dries we peeled off the stencil and the kids proudly wore their t-shirts to bed as jammies that night.  I haven't washed them yet so that maybe something to report on later.... we'll see!
In other news... I finally found the perfect department to shop in Kohl's.  I always have a problem when I walk in there because in my head I think that the junior's dept. stuff is cute... then I try it on and it doesn't look cute on me!  Then I head over to the misses dept.  Over there I always have to be careful because if I like it, my mom probably likes it too and we're going to end up looking like twins one day (guess who's gonna post first today!).  So today I was shopping with Darren to update his sorry wardrobe and guess what I found?  My favorite Dunder Mifflin t-shirt  "Dunder Mifflin: as green as we need to be".  Get it? They're a PAPER company!   Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h a!  I finally found something at Kohl's that I LOVE!


Sallie said...

We already look like twins Jen. We just dress differently! I know what you mean, though. Sometimes I try on something and think that's just what Gramma would have chosen! Yikes!


John said...

I have always loved green. Especially as a companion to my red tee shirts.