Monday, September 8, 2008


... was AWESOME! The park didn't open until 10am, so talk about torture! The kids were awake at 7, we had eaten breakfast by 8:45 so we had a looooooong 45 minute wait until driving to Legoland. Once inside the park Jason wasted no time in doing everything. We scored on homeschooler tickets ($17 per person, Cam free) which are only available during the school year so the park was basically empty. We went on all the rides, some twice. Jason liked the dragon roller coaster, Cam rode the horses at Castle Hill. Jason got his driver's license and both kids got soaked at Pirate Shores water park. They had a great time picking out their souvenirs, Jason bought a Coast Guard set and Cameron picked out a pink sword and shield. It cracked me up, in the princess store she went straight for the swords rather than the dresses and tiaras... that's my girl! I forgot the camera cord so I'll post pictures when we get home. Overall, it was a very successful day, we're exhausted and the boy is in heaven putting together his new set. Hopefully he'll make it last until tomorrow...yeah right, it'll be done before bedtime!


Sallie said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all! I can't wait to see the new lego set AND the Pink sword and shield. Have a wonderful time tomorrow - touring San Diego?

Love, Nanny

Hilary said...

how fun!You would be interested to know that the other day, I asked Hope what movie she would like to watch. Her reply: "Star Wars!"