Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Just wanted to show a few projects to you. Yesterday we took a few over ripe potatoes, cut them up and started a little water garden. The hope is that the eyes will sprout a little more and roots will grow down into the water. Then we'll plant our own potato plants. Or, more realistically, the said potatoes will sprout, turn into a stinky mess, get planted and then be promptly forgotten by yours truly, the brown-thumbed gardener. Place your bets...

Also, I've been checking out a blog called Art Projects for Kids (right here on blogger) and I finally got my act together and did one of the projects with the kids. Here are our kitties. Cute! The blogger is an art teacher and she posts instructions for her weekly projects that she teaches in her class. Jason can follow the directions pretty well and Cameron tags along with a lot of help from mom.

And finally, a few random thoughts:

1. We are running out of wooden spoons! Somehow, the little fellas decided that 12 and a half years of use was enough and they are all bowing out of the game and heading for wooden spoon retirement in the trash. I'm also losing other utensils at an astonishing pace. Either my kitchen skills are brutal or it's time to reload the drawer.

2. I discovered Nutella. Well, not technically, but I discovered that it is a very yummy spread for graham crackers. And it makes me look cool and sophisticated when I put it in my shopping cart. Someday I'll class it up a bit and make some crepes for the chocolate hazelnut spread. Until then, just know that I am a cosmopolitan girl and very sophisticated... me and my graham crackers.

3. Who thought that a clear vacuum canister was a good idea? It's disgusting. It makes me neurotic and keeps me vacuuming constantly so I can get all the stuff I didn't know existed on the carpet.

4. Jason has a corny sense of humor. This weekend I asked him to make cards for his AWANA leaders for Leader Appreciation night. He drew a dump truck and wrote "I've had loads of fun!" Get it? I couldn't stop laughing... I guess that means I have a corny sense of humor too.


Sallie said...

Thanks for the reminder. I needed to water my potatoes!

The Nutella is really good on toast also - it's a bit more sophisticated than graham crackers!


Luke said...

Nutella sure is tasty [smile].


Jeff said...

Try a scoop of Nutella in your coffee... I kid you not!

Nutella is one of the only brand name foods we have here... other than Coke and Snickers... which also go well together...

I had Nutella in my coffee the other night... it was life changing!

Melinda said...

I fell in love with Nutella when I was in Germany in 1984. Good stuff! Jason, you are so clever! I am truly impressed!!