Monday, March 9, 2009

school days

"Gee, Jen, it's been awhile since your last post. Where have you been?"

Over a week ago Darren came home from a day of meetings and errands with a little surprise for the whole gang. (I know, I just used the words "gee" and "the gang". We recently finished a book about some kids set in the 1950's so it's been a little "Leave it to Beaver"-ish in my head.) The thing about Darren is that he's an impulse buyer and some days those impulses are really fun! Wii Fit is that game with the balance board, it allows you to do yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games right in your living room. The board also acts as a scale and keeps track of your fitness progress, helps you set goals and acts as a coach. Some days Wii Fit is downright snarky and gives you a hard time if your weight climbs up. Some days Wii Fit is my friend and I love it. Everyday, Wii Fit gives a chance to realize how uncoordinated and unbalanced I am! We've also discovered that Jason is a running machine and Darren has got remarkable dance abilities. I'm hoping to figure out how to get a video out to the masses... maybe I'll call the guys from You Tube and see if they can come out t film it...

In other news, Cameron has been participating in school. She has decided that she wants to do school work (I know this sounds familiar... her interest in "kindergarten" faded after 3 days so this is different). She sits down with us at the table every day to do workbooks. She knows how to spell her name but refuses to learn how to form the letters. Instead she scribbles at the top of every page while reciting "C-A-M-E-R-O-N! There, that's my name!" It turns out that she just knows a lot of stuff. I never taught her how to spell her name or which hand is right and which is left but somehow she just surprises us. I guess she's really paying attention when she seems to be in her own world.

We're studying ancient China right now so Jason and I have decided that we'll probably need to eat at Panda Express a few times to really appreciate the culture and get an understanding for all things Chinese. It's a tough subject but we'll tackle it one bite of orange chicken at a time!


Melinda said...

Makenna says she wants Wii Fit so bad! We don't even have a Wii, so I guess she might have to wait on that one. Enjoyed the blog update. I'd like to see that video, so I'll be checking back frequently!!!

John said...

You may need to come to Nanny's to play Chinese Checkers and see who really is the master of the marbles.