Monday, March 23, 2009

red velvet cake, people... red velvet cake!

Yeah, I finally did it! Making a red velvet cake has been a far off goal that I've had for some time but this past weekend gave me the perfect opportunity (wow, that sentence was ugly...). Anyway, Cams put on the baker girl uniform and off we went!
The scary thing about this cake is the crazy amount of red food coloring (1 oz.) that you pour into the batter... it has to be unhealthy, although once you commit to baking a cake you've pretty much thrown health concerns out the window.
A funny thing happened while making the cream cheese frosting. I was supposed to make a batch and a half of the frosting, all the reviews I had read suggested making one and a half times the given amount to properly cover the three layer cake. Well, since math isn't my strong suit I accidently TRIPLED the batch...not exactly a terrible problem to have if you ask me...

So what was the occasion for this cake and crazy amount of frosting? Why, Nanny's birthday of course! Happy Birthday, Mom!

I just had to throw this picture in... kids + goggles= funny!


Sallie said...

This was the BEST cake I've ever had! Hurray for triple frosting recipes and red food dye! Actually, the pictures don't do the cake justice. It was much redder (is that a word?) in person! Thanks again for a fantastic birthday party!

Love, Nanny

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday, Sallie! What a special birthday cake, and it was made with such love, too! Love the baker girl hat AND the goggles, Cam!

Jeff said...

Those pictures... minus the one of Cam in the googles... are making me hungry!

Hilary said...

Red Carpet Cake is a favorite of mine! Mom used to make it most every year for my birthday when I was a kid (uhm, aren't I still?)... yumm. Our recipe came with a buttercream frosting... it was tricky to make, but if you had the patience to wait until it was COLD to move onto the next step, it was (is) worth it!