Monday, August 24, 2009

3 year olds are weird

I remember when Jason was 3 years old and he would do really strange things. We have pictures of him wearing only underwear , climbing up a staircase, with a stuffed animal sticking out of the back of his undies. Jason was an orderly, neat little 3 year old, he played with imagination based in reason. Cameron is a completely different kid. She plays with imagination based in craziness. Tonight she was marching around the driveway in her "fishing soldier" costume.

She was re-enacting a scene from Tom & Jerry, by yelling out "Bu-shay bushika!" (the line is supposed to be "Touche, pussycat!"). This came from an episode where Jerry was trying to become a mouseketeer (like Musketeer, not a Disney kid). She would pull off her hat and take a deep bow every time she passed by me.

I'm sure this makes very little sense as you read it, but to me it is hilarious. She has adopted quirks from other movies also. Tonight Jason was explaining to me why Cameron has started closing the door after she leaves a room, apparently that habit was picked up from Charlie & Lola.

The other day when Darren was fixing the sprinklers she insisted on wearing her bathing suit and running through the water. And then she needed goggles. There's nothing funnier than a kid wearing goggles.
These funny times really get me through the rough spots with her. I ought to document the meltdowns as well as the good times, but somehow pulling out the camera is not my first thought when we're in the middle of a Hurricane Cameron!


Sallie said...

Don't you just love it! Keep being weird precious Cams! You make everyone smile.

Jillian said...

I totally know what you are talking about in more than one way...Carter is just as crazy, we have the meltdowns and the "terrible twos/threes" but then he can be so sweet and goofy. He loves to act out scenes from movies and it still takes me a minute to understand what he is doing sometimes : ) He loves Tom & Jerry and I have totally seen that episode (more times than one)! Cameron is adorable!! And I absolutely love kids with big/goofy imaginations : )

Dave Rusco said...

Hey there Cams!
She is just as logical as any cartoon! Plus, she practiced marching at our house too! I needed a good picture of her in googles!
Love Grammy

Grammy said...

This is a test Jen. I finially have my own account

Anonymous said...

I think it it genetic. Right now Kadin has whole conversations to himself that are verbatim from movies. The kid is crazy!

Hilary said...

THat is HILARIOUS! We have that cartoon on DVD ("Touche, Pussycat!") so I know exactly what she is trying to say. That makes me laugh out loud for reals. What a cutie you have. I also love the fishing soldier... you have great kids. They are great for an intertaining blog post. :-) Keep the updates coming our way.