Tuesday, August 18, 2009

if at first you don't succeed...

Every once in a while we'll pull out Jason's bike to see if he can ride it. Last night, Cameron was riding her beautiful princess bike around the garage and Jason got it in himself to give his bike another try. He and Darren set off down the sidewalk, and what do you know.... he did it! The hardest part is getting going and we have those pesky dips in our sidewalks, but within a half an hour Jason was riding like a pro. He even rode down to the mailbox to pick up the mail for us.

Also yesterday Cameron did more weird things with her hair.

She is a major source of embarrassment for her very mature older brother.

And Hayden continues to be adorable.


Melinda said...

Yea, Jas! Good for you! Cams, you definitely have your very own personality---keep being you! Yes, I know Hayden is adorable---enjoyed our little time together in the nursery on Sunday! Thanks for the updates, Jen!!!

Dave Rusco said...

Jason, you are amazing! Your Dad took longer than you to learn! I think Cam has potential to be a hairstylist?! And Hayden, well, shes just a beauty! What can I say, they ARE my grandchildren!

Love Grammy

Sallie said...

Hey Grammy - they're MY grandchildren too! Jason, Cams and Hayden, Nanny and Pops will be home soon!