Monday, August 3, 2009


Last night Cameron announced, "Mom, I need to do some more arting." We had a good laugh and then got her supplies out. Cameron enjoys gluing pictures into a notebook. At back to school time I stock up on notebooks (usually 10-15 cents each) and gluesticks (20 cents for a two pack). Then I spend a few minutes cutting out pictures of kids, animals and toys from catalogs and magazines. I did this when Jason was 2 and 3 years old and now Cameron is enjoying this activity too. She calls it her "family album".

We're also starting a long term art project today. A while back I bought a 2 pack of artist's canvases at Micheal's. I got out all of our acrylic paints, paintbrushes and plenty of newspapers and set up a painting studio for the kids. Jason is diligently working on a background for his cool car creations. Cameron is diligently working on smearing every color together in a big brown splotch. They were very excited to learn that they could let the paint dry and then paint over it some more. I'll take pictures of the process... after all, arting is a process!


Melinda said...

Cool! I saw a show (I think it was Jon& Kate plus 8) where they put foil on part of the canvas and the kids painted over that to create a layering effect. You peel off the foil at the end before it all dries, I think, to show all the different layers. Keep "arting", Cam and Jas!

Sallie said...

Save some "arting" for Nanny. I love all their creations!