Thursday, October 15, 2009

birthday bonanza!

October is a huge birthday month for our family. I could list all the birthdays of all our relatives but honestly, I'd probably leave someone out and then I'd lose a blog reader. And with my inconsistent blogging I need all the committed readers I can get!

Monday was Darren's 35th birthday. As he puts it, "halfway done". He's a little sarcastic.... The kids and I made a cake for him and wrapped all our fabulous gifts. I think he was pretty excited about the sticky spiders that he got from the kids and the ridiculous amount of sprinkles they poured on his cake. He said, "hey we could eat this cake at the beach!" and yeah, it was that crunchy!
Wednesday was Cameron's 4th birthday. Because she doesn't like big crowds and lots of attention we just invited two of her friends to come over and play for the afternoon. Cameron requested a mermaid theme party so I did my best to make that happen. I bought the girls unfinished wood boxes at Michael's and had them paint them. Then I pulled out a large bucket of assorted beads and let the girls fill their treasure chests (because you find treasure at the bottom of the sea, obviously). We enjoyed some delicious cake and opened a few presents. I think it was a success because Cameron did not cry or run and hide from her guests ( and yes, those were two very real possibilities!).
And just because.... Miss Hayden, crawling baby on the loose! She likes to use things like this Mater toy to climb up to a standing position. She's in that funny stage where she can stand up but then cries because she doesn't know what to do next. Just stay cute Hayden!


Sallie said...

Happy birthday Cams and Darren! October is a busy month! Jen - you are so clever with your cakes. Good job!
Love, Nanny

Jillian said...

Happy Birthday to them too : ) Love Cameron's expression with the cake...and awesome job too! Totally a marine color with cute details!!

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday all you October persons, from another October person, John included, right? Cam, you are all decked out with all those princessesss! Because you are a princess! Great cake! What fun!

Love Grammy