Wednesday, October 7, 2009

we're back!

Greetings blog fans! We're back from an unfortunate blogging hiatus. Shortly after my last post on the fabulous viking sword and shield our power cord for Big Mac suffered an injury. We did our best to ration our battery power and get charges from relatives but it just wasn't enough. Yesterday while on our field trip to the big city (to go to a farm.... more on that later) we stopped by the Mac store for a free tune-up and purchased a new power cord. I'm a little miffed that I can buy an ipod shuffle for $49 but a power cord goes for $69. It hurts. The nerd at the desk told me everything was good during the systems check and they just had to deal with a few permissions issues..... what? Anyway, the most important part of the visit to the Mac doctor was that the nice fella glued my g key back on so I'm back to my speedy pecking.

So what happened around here during the power outage? Viking helmets of course! We used paper mache to create our fabulous helmets. And what color does a girl viking paint her helmet? Pink!
The other big news is that Fall has arrived. The kids wore sweatshirts for their morning recess and told me it was FREEZING outside!
And finally, our trip to the big city. Yesterday we went to San Luis to run errands and go to Avila Valley Barn with our home school friends. We had a great time on the hayride, in the pumpkin patch and in the hay maze. The kids love to run through the maze over and over again. Cameron has already painted her pumpkins and they are beautiful!
Cameron was completely accessorized.

I guess Jason was practicing his future prom pose....


Grammy said...

We are glad you're back! Alot of people were waiting patiently for you! Now you need to write a book!

Jas and Cam you look great! Did Mom buy some apples to make a pie? Hope so!

Where was Haydo?
Love Grammy

John said...

I thought you could only take one girl to the prom? Oh, well, he doesn't know what a prom is yet.

Sallie said...

So glad to see you back! Thanks for letting me be part of the fun at Avila!


Melinda said...

Happy Birthday to Darren yesterday and Cameron tomorrow! Thanks for the fun update, Jen!