Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wish list

Today Jason is constructing his Lego wish list. Not only does he write down what set he wants but he also includes the price, number of pieces and set number. He then cuts out each item and then tapes the list back together to make a cool design. I don't know what goes through his mind when he does this but every once in a while he constructs a list in the hope that someone out there will read it and buy something on it for him. It inspired me.

Because we home school we are at home ALL THE TIME! That's not a complaint, it's a statement of fact. So in the spirit of the great wish list master Jason, I too have constructed a wish list of things that would make our home schooling adventure a smoother ride.

Art and craft supplies:
  • paper: there's never enough paper, construction, computer printer, tissue, etc.
  • glue: sticks, white, crazy, rubber cement
  • paint: watercolors, acrylic
  • markers: they always dry out no matter how vigilant I am
  • tape: that's our battlecry, "WHERE'S THE TAPE!???"

Sports equipment:

  • balls: our neighbor has a steady stream of whiffle balls coming his way. We also would love soccer balls, basketballs, red rubber balls (like for dodgeball), plastic golfballs (because they sail over the fence nicely also...)
  • jump ropes
  • tennis shoes (because honestly, they wear out or grow out faster than you can imagine)


  • decks of cards: because a certain little baby loves to suck on them and then we always know who has the 9 of spades
  • Risk: ugh, I know, but the boy loves it!

Science kits:

  • stuff to grow: plants, ants, butterflies, whatever
  • rockets
  • chemistry sets
  • anything to do with building: I guess you could insert Legos here...
  • kid's cookbooks

So there's my wish list for now. It's kind of long but with Christmas coming maybe our school will get a big boost for the second semester. I'm just putting it out there, just like Jason, hoping and wishing!

(And for those of you who need a picture, here's Cameron dressed up in her own special way just to get the mail...)


Sallie said...

You could do a whole scrapbook on Cameron's outfits, what they are called and what they are for! In other words, a total embarrassment for her in about 10 years!

BTW thanks for the list!


Grammy said...

Wow! Nanny and I are going to have to get together for coffee and analyze the list! I love it when you wish! Grammys and Nannys love to help out!

Cam is outstanding! She has style.....all her own!


Hilary said...

what a great list. I hope your wishes come true.
Also, I see "fashion designer" in your daughter's future. LOL.
Miss you!